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The truth is hard to sell—therefore I'm not going to try it in the first place.   We learn what we teach. This is my profession.
Several huge business empire do only exist, because their best customers aren't interested in the truth.   Our profit of learning no money can buy. If you know me, you know what I'm talking about.


“Profits are better than wages.” (Jim Rohn)


This is my offer

Do you have trouble with a computer sometimes? With internet? A phone? Please stop wasting your time.

I support you in every aspect of technology. As long as you are present and learn to get along with the technology you dreamed of in the future, I don't want no salary. I'm comfortable with the profit, because I probably will learn more out of this then you; if you want to invest into yourself or into your technology to make an extra income in the future, I gladly negotiate brokerage in due time.

If interested give me a call for making an appointment, please. Though if you are not coachable please save both of us this call.

Yet am I working out something for you, without your interest in the process, we are going to negotiate a profit for both of us.


I have a dream

I want to spend my time with people who want to learn from each other. Due to modern ICT (Information-/Communication Technology) I'm just a phone call away internationaly. Since I love to travel, I'm glad to follow your invitation and being pleased by board, lodging and transportation expenses**. Within Berlin I am already mobile at no charge. Beyond that I dream of possessing a Bahncard 100 (for traveling within Germany without additional charge) and a campmobile plus electric car for in between and beyond. For everything else I'm exitingly looking forward what arises out of this.


“The jester doesn't tell the king what he wants to hear; he tells him what he doesn't want to hear.” (Kurt Weidemann)


*A kind request: Whoever finds mistakes in the writing, may keep them - and whoever would like to submit corrections, please do so. Thank you in advance!

** For sake of my fitness I preferably travel by use of muscularity (bicycle and train can be combined faultlessly). But I'm motorized without further ado as soon as it makes sense—by land, sea and air.